So I drank a large coffee today

I went poop twice and both times, every girl to enter the bathroom while I was using the bathroom (I was using one stall and there were 5 others that were unused when I first went, and available the entire time) used the stall next to me. One after another, they all kept reusing the same stall while,
A.) I was very clearly pooping next to them and it did not smell like roses, and
B.) there were four other stalls with the toilet seats still up and totally clean
What in the hell is up with girls and using the second stall closest to the door!?


6 reasons America must stop ignoring its Black youth

The protests in Ferguson have shown the world that the voices of black youth won’t be silenced. Rather than ignoring their much-needed contributions to important dialogues, it’s time America woke up and actually listened.

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I found a baby pug at the pet store, she was everything I imagined and more.


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Andy Goldsworthy’s art

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white boys sexting like

I’m laugHING SO HARD what is this FROM

Sex and the City…what kind of deprived life are you living

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my aesthetic? 


overly photoshopped adam sandler on the cover of click

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